10 Beautiful Nature Inspired Code Snippets

Nature has been a source of design inspiration since the beginning of time. Its beauty touches everything from the clothes we wear to the gadgets we use.

So, it’s not a big stretch to say that nature plays the role of muse in web design. Colors and patterns can reflect those of a stunning plant or animal species. Sometimes the likeness is subtle, while other homages can be very recognizable.

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Access Denied: 403 Page Code Snippets

Web designers have gotten used to turning errors into opportunities. It’s no secret that the common, most widely occurring (and surprisingly recognizable) HTTP status code 404, aka “Not Found,” was forced by developers to bring benefits to the project. In the past it scared away users, destroyed the overall impression and was a nightmare for developers. Everyone wanted it to disappear once and for all.

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Amazing Texture & Pattern Effects with CSS & JavaScript

Textures and patterns have long been a part of web design. Whether used as a subtle background or as a focal point of our content, they help to set the tone for our creations.

But thanks to ever-evolving web technologies, we can use textures and patterns to even greater effect. They no longer have to be confined to static display. Now, they can be combined with motion and shading techniques to produce some mind-blowing graphical features.

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