Balancing Client Needs vs. Your Portfolio

The questions almost sound a bit silly. But, when you book a new project, who exactly are you designing for? Are you looking to satisfy your client or add another notch to your portfolio?

You’d like to think that most designers are ethical enough to keep their focus entirely on client needs. But, we’re all human. And sometimes we add bells and whistles to a project for the wrong reasons – often without being consciously aware.

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The Use of Cursor Effects in Web Design

When it comes to the tiniest trends in website design, the manipulation of the cursor is an absolute winner. It lives up to the title as well as makes a vital contribution to the experience.

The great thing about mouse tricks is that you can be certain that they won’t go unheeded or stay overlooked, as visitors will certainly drag their cursor along the screen. Whatever you choose for entertaining your audience, chances are the hand of a user will slip and the mouse cursor will move at least to close the browser tab. And, your ingenious solution based on mouse interaction will be exposed to the world, giving you an extra opportunity to strengthen the effect or win users over.

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Freebie: Cute Valentine’s Day Cards and Backgrounds (AI & EPS)

If you’re looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day card that doesn’t quite look like it’s last-minute, then you’ve come to the right place! Courtesy of our friends over at Freepik, we have a small collection of creative and fun Valentine’s Day card templates you can quickly customize, print out and deliver to your Valentine in a matter of moments.

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