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Why You Should Explain Design Decisions to Your Clients

Have you ever found yourself totally in love with a design mockup you created, only to see your client pick it apart? Even worse is when they advocate for changes you aren’t comfortable with.

Designing websites for other people can be a lot like rolling dice. Sometimes you get lucky and your client loves what you’ve done – no changes required. But more often it seems like a nearly endless process of making revisions until they’re fully satisfied (if that’s even possible).

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Using Images to Enhance the CSS Hover Effect

Hover is one of the oldest selectors in the CSS family. While we are accustomed to believing that it only pairs up beautifully with a link, in fact it can be used on all elements in the interface such as buttons, SVGs, images, etc. The reason is simple and lies in its essence. To paraphrase the specification: Hover selects elements when the mouse cursor is placed over them. Therefore, whatever you want to select, it will be right there – like it or not.

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Playing with Fire: Examples of Creating Flame Effects with Code

It’s hard to think of a natural (or manmade) phenomena that grabs the attention quite like fire. You see it and can’t look away. Maybe it has something to do with that old fight-or-flight response?

But it’s not just the natural world taking notice. The web has long been home to fiery GIFs and all manner of attempts to digitally recreate the effect. And as technology has improved, so have the renderings of fire.

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