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Build a Fully-Custom Real Estate Website with HomePress WordPress Theme Sponsored

When it comes to building a website, each industry has its own specific needs. They require features, functionality and data types that reflect their particular niche.

This can be a challenge for web designers, as we often tend to work with one-size-fits-all solutions, such as WordPress themes. That can result in a lot of extra work when it comes to customizing things to fit our projects.

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Using ‘Spotty’ Backgrounds in Web Design to Grab Attention

A good website is all about the little things. Every detail counts, even though it may seem that the only role it should serve is to stay in the shadows. Today, our spotlight shines on the background.

It has been a while since we spoke about backgrounds in terms of trends. Creatives are obsessed with things that occupy the foreground, since they help to make the first impression. However, the core elements of the interface are always important. They remind us about themselves every time we build something new. And it is only a matter of time until they become a focus of attention again.

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The Tiny Short Animation Trend in Web Design

Animation has carved out a niche for itself in the web design sphere. We see it everywhere. Not only does it enrich hero areas but also other sections, inner pages, and standalone components.

It is no longer a tool for making the first impression only. It efficiently collaborates with other elements, having dramatically expanded its sphere. Yes, it has lost its novelty factor – it’s now a normal thing like the hamburger button, video background, or parallax scrolling. However, even though it is no longer an extravaganza, it still has an ability to impress online visitors.

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