A Quick Guide to Website Photography

The inclusion of a great photo can turn a plain webpage into a visually-appealing one. But not just any old photograph will do. Deciding on the right image is something we should consider carefully.

Sometimes, however, designers don’t necessarily get to make that decision. For example, have you ever been handed a not-so-great image from a client? They may insist on using it, even if it takes away from the overall aesthetic of their website.

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What to Do When Someone Wants to Partner with Your Design Business

Web designers seem to get a lot of unsolicited business offers. Over the years, I’ve received notes from people who wanted to either buy my business or partner with it in some way.

Truth be told, I disregard a lot of it as spam. It’s often fairly easy to figure out what’s legitimate and what’s not (if you spell my name wrong or mention a service I don’t actually provide, that’s a clue).

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The Four Ways That Freelancers Are Often Mistreated

To many web professionals, freelancing means freedom. The freedom to work on what you please, when you please. It seems to be the perfect career path in this on-demand world we live in.

However, the fact that you’re out there on your own does have some downsides. Being a solo entrepreneur leaves you without a lot of the benefits and protections that an employee might have. And it is often those things that leave us at a disadvantage.

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Exploring the Simple Beauty of Business Cards with Geometric Designs

When it comes to geometric designs, the first thing that comes to our mind is of course simplicity. It feels like it is one of the most primitive and easiest ways to create a design. All you need to do is to mix and match lines and shapes. However, things are not always what they seem. And artworks by Kazimir Malevich, a pioneer in abstract art, are clear proof of that.

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Forge Your Own (Animation) Path with These Snippets

In some ways, it seems like we’re in the golden age of animation on the web. Mainly because there are so many options for implementing it into our projects.

Certainly, you can leverage some high-powered JavaScript libraries to create something other-worldly. But you can also use the effects already built into CSS3 to add movement to your website. Either way, the end user doesn’t necessarily need any fancy hardware or browser plugins to view your creation.

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