A Selection of Festive Websites to Get You in the Mood for Christmas

We are going to start with the oldest example in our collection – Greestmas Greeting. Originally launched in 2011, it is a true pioneer. However, it is not a traditional greeting card. Its aim is much nobler. It was created to raise awareness of deforestation. Even now this site is relevant. So spread the word and give Christmas trees a chance to live forever.

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10 Fantastic Examples of Dynamic Centerpieces in Web Design

All is fair in love and the fight for clients, especially in the digital world. Unlike the real one, where you can use various psychological tricks to foist the goods and talk customers into buying something, the internet is still impersonal. You don’t have to look someone in the eye and say “No.” You just shut down the browser tab – despite all the promising perks and sales talk, and happily move on without feeling guilty.

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