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Life as a web developer is challenging, fulfilling, and ever-changing in more ways than one. Being one, you most likely approach a complex project with enthusiasm and knowledge. When you succeed, it can open the door to even greater and more exciting challenges. Yet, there will be times when the tools or resources that could help you work faster and better don’t seem to be there.

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Fun Examples of CSS Imitating Print Design

There’s still some value in having a document or other printed product that you can hold in your hand. And as much as the web has promised a “paperless” world, we’re not there quite yet.

Somewhat ironically, we are seeing some elements of print design translate over to the web. Sure, designers have been attempting to do this for some time. But the advent of CSS Grid and other technological developments have actually made these attempts much more successful than in years past.

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See the Future of WordPress with Beta Plugins

As a platform, WordPress is continually looking to add features that will both keep its existing user base happy as well as attract new recruits. And over the years, that has led to some very popular additions such as Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and Widgets. Each of these examples have become such staples of the WordPress experience that it’s difficult to remember a time when they didn’t exist. But each one started out as just an idea.

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